The Alliance of Democracies Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of democracy and free markets across the globe.

Our three initiatives

The Copenhagen
Democracy Summit

An annual conference bringing together political and business leaders, including current and former heads of government, from the world’s democracies. The purpose of the conference is to build the intellectual and interpersonal foundations for a robust alliance of the world’s democracies.

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The Expeditionary
Economics Program

Dem Tech

The purpose of the program is to solidify at-risk democracies through locally driven economic growth.  The program supports economic reforms and entrepreneurship in emerging democracies and post-conflict areas. The initiative includes the Democracy Tech Entrepreneur Fellowship that seeks to make technology work for democracy.

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The Campaign
for Democracy

A program building a robust eco-system of supporters through a powerful online presence, continuous media engagement, and moral support for dissidents and reformers. The program includes a Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity that works to prevent election interference.

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Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2022

We are delighted to be hosting the next Copenhagen Democracy Summit on 9-10 June 2022. Today, as we see with Russia's invasion of Ukraine, front-line figures in the battle for freedom and democracy matter more than ever. We will provide a platform for such voices globally. We urgently need to unite political, business and media leaders, democracy activists and advocates, to bring fresh ideas to stem the authoritarian advance and put democracy back on the front foot.

Click here to go to our dedicated website and find out more about what to expect at #CDS2022!

We #StandWithUkraine

We reached out to our DEMOCRACY TECH FELLOWS based in Ukraine, and asked what we could do for them. They requested to use our platform to be able to tell personal stories directly from inside Ukraine. Since the 24th February we have held regular Twitter Spaces to platform their voices and experiences.

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Supporting the tech community in Ukraine

Listen in to our first #DefendDemocracy Podcast series featuring Ukrainian members of our Democracy Tech Entrepreneur Fellowship program. Hear powerful statements from members of our community as they give us regular accounts of the situation in Ukraine and what the global community can do to help.


Previous Events

To find the Alliance of Democracies Foundation's previous activities, reports and media engagements go to our archive here.

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