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Who we are

The Alliance of Democracies Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 by Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former NATO Secretary General and former Prime Minister of Denmark. Our team is based in Brussels, Berlin and Copenhagen and bring expertise from international diplomacy and human rights to election integrity and strategic communications.  

Through our innovative programming and our flagship event, The Copenhagen Democracy Summit, we aim to become the world’s leading “megaphone” for the cause of democracy.  

The Copenhagen Democracy Summit

An annual conference bringing together political and business leaders, including current and former heads of government, from the world’s democracies. The goal of the Summit is to be the top international forum for analysis on the security and economic challenges facing the democratic world as well as a forum for analysis on the interplay between technology and democratic norms.

The Expeditionary Economics Program

The program supports successful entrepreneurial projects in emerging democracies and post-conflict areas, proving the universal appeal and potential of democracy and entrepreneurship. The purpose is to solidify at-risk democracies through locally driven economic growth.

The Campaign for Democracy

The Campaign for Democracy engages supporters of democracy worldwide and builds a powerful intellectual movement for the cause of democracy through online presence, media engagement, and moral support for dissidents. The program includes a Transatlantic Commission that works to prevent election interference.

Why fight for democracy?

Democracy is fragile and it cannot be taken for granted anywhere in the world.   

The need for creative solutions is clear and urgent, yet most of the leading democracies in the world are deeply split over how we move forward. As we can see in the latest Democracy Perception Index 2022 results democracy is in decline around the world, even though 84% of people globally say that it is important to have democracy in their country. However, a growing number are disenchanted with the state of democracy, 41% feeling that there is not enough democracy in their country. 

We seek to strengthen the world’s democracies. Our overarching purpose is to revitalize democracies and bring them together in an alliance for peace, prosperity, and the advancement of democracy around the world. 

Our logo

Circles are used as symbols of alliances. When circles are formed, the hexagon occurs. The hexagon is formed when circles are gathered and occur naturally and often in nature, just as we believe that democracy should occur naturally in the world. Visually, the hexagon expresses strength, solidity and action – the core of the conditions for democracy. Democracy is maintained and developed in alliances and is expressed as life among people (the round outer). A classic inspired typography conveys an alliance acting seriously and includes it as a natural part of history.


The Foundation has a board of directors, chaired by Anders Fogh Rasmussen, a political advisory board with former heads of government from democratic countries, and a business advisory board of business executives and economists from democratic countries.

The members of the advisory board will participate in the annual Copenhagen Democracy Summit and engage with the Expeditionary Economics Program and the Campaign for Democracy in ways suitable to each individual advisory board member.

Harun Bala

Project Associate

Marcus Vorre

Junior Associate

Mentor – Marie Louise Gørvild

Impact Partner - Earthbound

James Holtum

Senior Strategy Director

Fellow 6 – Giorgi


Fellow 5 – Ana


Fellow 4 – Dmytro


Fellow 3 – Marmoris (Team)


Fellow 2 – Anton


Fellow 1 – Mariam



Our supporters play an indispensable part in enabling the Foundation to fulfill its mission. We would like to thank each of them their contribution to our important work.