Our initiatives

The Copenhagen
Democracy Summit

An annual conference bringing together political and business leaders, including current and former heads of government, from the world’s democracies. The purpose of the conference is to build the intellectual and interpersonal foundations for a robust alliance of the world’s democracies.

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Creating an Alliance of Democracies

We aim to build a worldwide movement for an Alliance of Democracies consisting of democratic countries globally and among democratic forces everywhere. We work actively with governments, young leaders in democratic countries as well as democracy activists from non-free societies and emerging democracies.  

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Business and technology for freedom and democracy

We believe that democracy and free market economies are strongly interlinked. Business engagement is key to underpinning fundamental democratic values. We work closely with the tech industry to discuss and find solutions to the challenges technologies pose to democracy, and we bring forward new entrepreneurial ideas as a way of spurring growth and stability in emerging democracies. 

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