Advancing business and technology for freedom and democracy 

Advancing business and technology for freedom and democracy  

We believe that democracy and free market economies are strongly interlinked. Business engagement is key to underpinning fundamental democratic values. We work closely with the tech industry to discuss and find solutions to the challenges technologies pose to democracy, and we bring forward new entrepreneurial ideas as a way of spurring growth and stability in emerging democracies. 

The program includes The Democracy Tech Entrepreneur Fellowship, an initiative that seeks to make technology work for democracy.

The Democracy Tech Entrepreneur Fellowship

Our fellowship is established against this backdrop with an aim to support tech entrepreneurs with innovative solutions to democracies' problems. We recognize the need to build from the bottom up, while bringing out what the free world does best: innovation, entrepreneurship and new ideas.

Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity

Election interference is a major threat to the universal right of people to take part in democratic elections. Still, democratic governments and technology companies around the world are scrambling to meet the challenges of the latest election meddling tactics and technologies.
Our commission helps advance solutions to protect integrity of democratic elections.

Media Literacy


Disinformation has today become the number one threat to the integrity of democratic processes. It was displayed by Russia’s meddling in the US during the 2016 presidential elections and on 6th January 2021 with the attack on Congress which highlights the growing erosion of democracy from within. Learn more about our MediaLit Lab and our Disinformation Diaries game.