Democracy Toolkit


In a joint initiative, the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft (AHG) and the Alliance of Democracies Foundation (AoD) are proud to present the "Democracy by Design" Toolkit. This comprehensive toolkit is designed to guide startups and tech companies in assessing the democracy-friendliness of their digital innovations.

This toolkit is backed by insights from a consortium of international technology experts and seeks to equip businesses to proactively discern and address potential threats their products may pose to democratic principles.

The "Democracy by Design" Toolkit will assist companies to synchronize their products and business operations with principles that champion a resilient and inclusive democracy.  To amplify the importance of this vital tool, both partnering organizations are initiating a social media campaign today. #DemocracyByDesign

Key Highlights of the Campaign:

  • Democracy by Design Toolkit: Catalyzing Democracy-Friendly Innovations

The toolkit is a crucial asset for startups and tech firms, offering a lens to view their business strategies and product developments through the prism of societal and democratic impact. It equips enterprises to make knowledgeable choices that positively influence democratic ecosystems.

  • Be Recognized as a Socially Responsible Pioneer 

Engaging with this toolkit enables firms to cast themselves as conscientious leaders, rooted in societal welfare and democratic tenets. Broader civic involvement paves the way for internal innovative thinking and vital dialogue regarding the tech sector's role in the evolution of our digital realm.

  • A Commitment to Upholding Democracy Through Technology 

Adopting this toolkit manifests a firm's allegiance to technology that resonates with and amplifies democratic ideals. By engaging with this resource, businesses declare their commitment to fortify democratic pillars rather than inadvertently eroding them.

We invite startups and tech companies to join us and lead the way towards technology that is more attuned to democratic principles.

About the Partners:

The Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft champions democracy, freedom, and progression. With a focus on responsible shaping of change, AHG fosters interdisciplinary dialogue and crafts pioneering solutions for contemporary challenges. Since its inception in 1992, AHG has been an influential voice in Germany's socio-political arena and abroad. Notably, as of 2023's end, the mantle of responsibility for the Toolkit Initiative will be assumed solely by the AoD.


Hands-on action steps, best-practices, an evaluation, and a badge - get started with your democratic journey and learn more about the great potential of Fairness, Traceability, Human control and Robust technical infrastructure for society!

Check out the toolkit here!