Media LitLab


The media LitLab project is designed to broaden and deepen current and future decision-makers' understanding of the complexity of how politically motivated disinformation operations work and how harmful they can be. The centerpiece of this project is a half-day interactive simulation game based on real-life examples of past disinformation events, in which participants gained first-hand experience that helps them better understand how the spread of disinformation undermines our democracies and what they can concretely do to counter such a threat. In addition, building citizens' digital media and information literacy is considered one of the most effective non-regulatory measures to build civic resilience to foreign information manipulation. The Media Litlab was launched through two of our workshops, with young politicians and students from both the Copenhagen Business School and the Copenhagen University.    

The project specializes in improving media literacy through a three-step program:  

  • The first one is a workshop which consists of an interactive war game simulation on how to navigate the spread of disinformation, helping students understand and evaluate the role that different actors in society play in this matter, as well as why and how the spread of disinformation undermines our democracies. 
  • The second one is an essay contest was based on policy recommendations to address the issues presented, a challenge for students to come up with new solutions in order to combat the spread of disinformation.
  • The third one is a roundtable discussion with former Danish Prime Minister, former NATO Secretary General and our founder, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, aiming to bring future leaders together with todays to discuss and explore new policy recommendations targeting disinformation and misinformation.