The Disinformation Diaries

Welcome to our game-based media literacy tool that players can use to understand how disinformation and deepfakes can interfere with democratic elections!

In the game, players take on the role of a fictional character, named Truly B. Veritas. She lost an election to her political rival because of the impact of a deepfake and disinformation campaign deployed against her.

Through a series of diary entries, Truly documents her journey of recovery from the unexpected political defeat to the development of strategies and skills she plans to use to try to win the upcoming election.

Total Play Time: ~10-20 minutes
Note: You can use the two faint arrows in the top left to go back and forth within the game if you would like to view alternative choices.

Once completed, you will gain a certificate of completion! Be sure to post it on your social media channels to showcase that you are in fact, media savvy! #DisinformationDiariesGame #AoDemocracies

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The Disinformation Diaries was designed and developed by Ora D. Tanner, an Election Integrity fellow with the Alliance of Democracies Foundation and the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity. This unique mini-course was part of her research on ways new media can be used for disinformation education and to increase media literacy as it relates to elections interference by deepfakes.