Our Media LitLab aims to enhance the level of media literacy of young people in Denmark.

Disinformation has today become the number one threat to the integrity of democratic processes. It was displayed by Russia’s meddling in the US during the 2016 presidential elections and on 6th January 2021 with the attack on Congress which highlights the growing erosion of democracy from within.

Through a well designed and interactive war-game simulation workshop on how to navigate the spread of disinformation, an essay competition, and a roundtable discussion with the former Danish Prime Minister and NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The target audience is Bachelor/Master Students, initially from two Danish universities: Copenhagen University and Copenhagen Business School. The young population are the future and we strive to strengthen their knowledge and awareness within this domain. Throughout the different activities, the overarching objectives of the Media LitLab are:

  • To provide a hands-on framework for university students in order to better understand, analyse, and evaluate the role different actors in society play in the spread of disinformation, as well as why and how disinformation undermines our democracies
  • To challenge students to devise new, viable solutions to combat the spread of disinformation through the essay competition
  • To bring future leaders together with todays to discuss and explore new policy recommendations targeting disinformation through the roundtable discussion.

Key Activity: Simulation Workshop - Navigating the Spread of Disinformation

The workshop will allow participants to take part in a simulation exercise during which they will experience the impact of disinformation on the interests and values of the groups they represent. Gathered in small teams tasked with specific objectives, they will need to navigate the various dynamics resulting from the spread of disinformation ahead of a political election. As major milestones mark the campaign trail, domestic and foreign acts of disinformation attempt to influence the outcome of the vote, shedding light on the vulnerabilities of the process.

Divided in phases allowing to project over a certain time frame how (dis)information evolves and affects the behavior and decisions of individuals, the simulation will provide participants with insights on how to identify and react to such events. Teams will interact with each other throughout the workshop, having to both respect the given framework and creatively come up with solutions to the challenges imposed by the storyline.

All participants in the simulation workshop will receive a certificate signed by the Alliance of Democracies Foundation's Chairman, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, attesting to their participation in the different activities. Participants will then be invited to partake in the essay competition. The winners of the essay competition will receive a money prize and a personal invitation to participate at the roundtable. All roundtable participants will have their revised essays published on our website and social media channels. They will also receive a personal invitation to the annual Copenhagen Democracy Summit.

  • We hope to use the partnership to give students knowledge of this opportunity
  • We hope to find an available location and time slot to host the workshop.