The Expeditionary Economics Program

Expeditionary economics

The term “expeditionary economics” was coined by economist Carl Schramm in an article in Foreign Affairs in 2010, recommending a greater focus on fostering local entrepreneurship in order to stabilize post-conflict areas. The Expeditionary Economics Program builds on the work of Schramm and other economists such as Hernando de Soto who stress the importance of property rights and entrepreneurship for economic development. The Program also serves as an extension of NATO analyses of the interplay between security and economics, conducted during Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s tenure as Secretary General from 2009 to 2014.

The Program will identify and support projects on the ground in emerging democracies and post conflict areas across the globe. The Program will work closely with the governments of major democratic powers as well as local governments, businesses, and NGOs while maintaining an ironclad commitment to a new and more entrepreneurial approach to development.

The program includes The Democracy Tech Entrepreneur Fellowship, an initiative that seeks to make technology work for democracy.