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Report Launch

The Alliance of Democracies Foundation  launches its Election Risk Monitor addressing the 2020 parliamentary elections in Georgia (Europe). The report examines Georgia’s persisting vulnerabilities against foreign election meddling through the lens of four key aspects: disinformation in social media, the level of media literacy of Georgian citizens, the state of election related cyber security and foreign links into party funding.

Even the report concludes that these elections have not seen a major overt interference operation, it clearly discloses the system of subliminal infiltration established by pro-Kremlin proxies which impacted this pivotal elections.

With this report, the TCEI evaluates its engagement in Georgia as the facilitator of the Pledge for Election Integrity, the gold standard of ethical and transparent election campaigning in the digital age. Assessment of the parties’ adherence to the decent and transparent campaign principles is one of the objectives of the report.

Key recommendations:

- Secure the “guardian role” of the Georgian parliament
- Strengthen the system of oversight and prosecution on illegal and foreign funding of party finances
- Enhance state cyber defense capacities
- Improve the level of digital media literacy on election interference and disinformation
- Continue and expand civil resilience against election interference
- Ensure more transparency through the cooperation with Social Media platforms

Read the full report here.


Congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden.
We've been proud to work with the President-elect as a founder member of our Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity.
We look forward to working with the Biden/Harris Administration to #DefendDemocracy around the world.

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Launch Event

Launch of the Pledge for Election Integrity in Georgia

We are pleased to see that our Pledge for Election Integrity has earned ample TV coverage across Georgia!
Thank you: Rustavi 2, მთავარი არხი • Mtavari Arkhi, TV Imedi, Euronews Georgia.
We encourage parties and candidates running for election to sign up to the 5 principles of our #ElectionPledge here:

Watch the launch event here


On September 15, 2020, The Alliance of Democracies chairman Anders Fogh Rasmussen shared his thoughts on International Democracy Day. He rightfully states: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

Therefore, the Alliance of Democracies was delighted to support and sign the Call to #DefendDemocracy by National Endowment for Democracy.

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Statement by the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity on US Presidential Elections 

In the lead up to the US Presidential Elections, members of the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity have issued a statement warning how election interference stands as a major threat to democracy and outlining steps needed to protect and secure election integrity.
Statement signed by TCEI Co-Chairs Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Michael Chertoff and TCEI members: Eileen Donahoe, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Natalie Jaresko, John Kerry, Tanit Koch, Jeanne Meserve, John Negroponte, Allan Rock, Marietje Schaake, and Joanna Shields.

Read the full statement here


COVID-19 provides opportunity to form alliance of democracies

Anders Fogh Rasmussen's latest piece highlights how Covid has increased the need for an alliance of democracies to promote freedom and democracy and Japan has a central role in uniting Europe and the US in this effort to counter rising autocracies.


Meeting with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Chairman of the Alliance of Democracies Foundation met with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Denmark this week to discuss how to strengthen the spine of democracies against the forces of autocracy. Alliance of Democracies also hosted the Secretary of State at the recent Copenhagen Democracy Summit.

Watch the full session here


Alliance of Democracies joins call to Defend Democracy

The Alliance of Democracies joins more than 500 political, civil leaders, Nobel Laureates and pro-democracy institutions that have signed an open letter to defend democracy, warning that the freedoms we cherish are under threat from governments that are using the crisis to tighten their grip on power.

Read the full Call to Defend Democracy here

For more information, visit

On Thursday, June 18th the Copenhagen Democracy Summit hosted Dr Kevin Casas-Zamora, Secretary-General, International IDEA and other democracy partners to discuss the current issues affecting today's democracies. 

Watch the full session here


The need for an Alliance of Democracies to lead a new world order

Latest article by Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Chairman of the Alliance of Democracies Foundation, Prime Minister of Denmark (2001-2009) and Secretary General of NATO (2009-2014).

Democracy is in decline around the world, and Covid is accelerating the fragmentation of the post-World War Two rules-based order. Our inability to see this bigger picture has given succor to autocrats who understand how our collective freedom has become subservient to petty self-interests.

The free world needs urgent reinforcement and renewal around its common principles of freedom, democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law. A new world order centered around an alliance of democracies is the best way to prevent the decay of multilateralism. It would create a global ecosystem for freedom and democratic revival through more open trade, investment, intelligence sharing, and support for emerging democracies.

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Press Release

New global study - After the pandemic, people want more democracy

COVID-19 is a global political stress test for both democracies and autocracies. This new study during a time of pandemic shows that global support for democracy is still high, but people around the world do not feel their governments are delivering it, according to a 53 country survey of over 120,000 people published today (June 15, 2020).

The Democracy Perception Index, released by Dalia Research and the Alliance of Democracies Foundation is the third installment of the world’s largest annual study on Democracy. It showed that 78 percent of people believe democracy is important, yet only 53 percent believe their country is democratic.

The study was released ahead of the third Copenhagen Democracy Summit, to be held virtually with speakers including President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) 蔡英文 Tsai Ing-wen, US Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo, US Secretaries John Kerry and Madeleine Albright, EU Commission Vice-President Vera Jourova and Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong, among others.

To see the findings and interactive maps, visit: - for the full data, visit Democracy Perception Index - 2020 - Results Table

Find the full press release here


Latest report on Disinformation, Deepfakes & Democracy

The digitalization of society has brought plenty of new opportunities, but also poses a number of questions to our democracies. While it has enabled more people to participate in the political debate, democratized the supply of information and led to positive grassroot engagement, it has also created substantial loopholes which has allowed foreign actors to manipulate and exploit the new communications ecosystem up until today. Ever since the US presidential elections in 2016, democratic governments, social media platforms and academics around the globe have discussed how to best mitigate these negative effects to democracies in the digital age.

Our new report Disinformation, Deepfakes & Democracy, part of the collaboration with Microsoft, explores the issue by providing an in-depth explanation of how and why new information technologies challenges our democracies. Author and research fellow Christoffer Waldemarsson addresses the question of "What can be done to mitigate the effects of disinformation campaigns?" by mapping out the European response to digital election interference and the voluntary measures taken by social media platforms, as well as providing recommendations for governments or policymakers. The report also explains how deepfakes, a way to digitally fabricate video and audio on for example prominent politicians, can put our free and democratic elections in danger.

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Pushing back against disinformation is more needed than ever

In early March, the Alliance of Democracies Foundation- led by Co-chairs of the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity (TCEI), Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Michael Chertoff- visited Silicon Valley together with commission members, Eileen Donahoe and Marietje Schaake. The delegation met with tech companies to discuss the preparedness prior to the 2020 elections. One thing is clear from the visit - pushing back against disinformation is more needed than ever.

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The New York Times

Trump won the internet. Democrats are scrambling to take it back

The New York Times mentions Joe Biden has signed the Pledge for Election Integrity committing not to aid and abet those who undermine democracy. The pledge is initiated and launched by our Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity.

Our chairman, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, invites to encourage Bernie Sanders and Donald J. Trump to join Biden at ‬ 

The New York Times article

Taiwan Has Been Shut Out of Global Health Discussions. Its Participation Could Have Saved Lives

Taiwan is a frontrunner in the battle against COVID19. Taiwan can help the global response. China must stop playing geopolitics with global health.

Read the article of Chairman, Anders Fogh Rasmussen in

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The Denver Post

Mitt Romney receives standing ovation in Denver for impeachment vote

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, and former Prime Minister of Denmark and Chairman of the Alliance of Democracies Foundation, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, had a discussion on the state of democracy around the world at an event hosted by the University of Denver’s Josef Corbel School of International Studies on February 28th, 2020.

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Dissatisfaction with democracy

Hear our executive director, Jonas Parello-Plesner, discuss the reason why there is a growing dissatisfaction with democracy globally and what to do about it.


In 2019, our Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity launched a pledge which calls on candidates to take a stand against election interference by increasing transparency and fight the use of disinformation in campaigns.

The pledge is mentioned in the Washington Post article about how presidential candidates have yet to promise not to spread disinformation.


Press release

The Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity taps Aspen Tech Policy Hub fellows to fight deepfakes and disinformation

We are pleased to welcome Erica Greene & Ora D. Tanner as nonresident Election Integrity fellows who will boost our efforts to counter election interference!

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The Washington Post

The world doesn’t hate Trump’s America as much as people think

Almost all of the rest of the world still sees the United States as a net positive force for democracy — in many cases, strongly so.

The Washington Post about the Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2019 and the annual Democracy Perception Index, recently published by the Alliance of Democracies Foundation and Dalia Research.

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Taiwan’s democracy is determined to survive and thrive

Taiwanese Foreign Minister, Joseph Wu, spoke at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2019 in June. “Taiwan is under threat, but we are determined to survive and thrive, to prove that democracy is a better path for mankind”, he said.

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Imagine if Reagan and Thatcher had refused to support dissidents in Czechoslovakia, Poland or the Baltics

It's time that the Western democracies stop doubting themselves and start fighting for the freedom of others.

The Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2019 focused on new aspiring democracies but also highlighted the weaknesses of today's democracies.

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The US threat to international democracy

It's not just Donald Trump. It's the finance and technology industries, according to a recent survey.

Bloomberg about the annual Democracy Perception Index survey, recently published by the Alliance of Democracies Foundation and the Dalia Research.

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41 percent around the world think there isn’t enough democracy in their country

Politico Brussels about the annual Democracy Perception Index survey published by the Alliance of Democracies Foundation and the Dalia Research. The survey was presented at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit on the 27-28th of June at the Royal Danish Playhouse in Copenhagen.

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New York Post

40% of Americans believe the US is not democratic enough

The annual Democracy Perception Index survey, recently published by the Alliance of Democracies Foundation and the Dalia Research, shows a divided population in the United States. People surveyed in the US, where the 2020 presidential elections are ramping up, were split as to whether their country was democratic.

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The majority of Danes believe that the United States is a threat to democracy

Danes are among the most critical of the US shows the recent annual Democracy Perception Index survey published by the Alliance of Democracies Foundation and the Dalia Research. The result should serve as "a wake-up call to the US", says Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Chairman of the Alliance of Democracies Foundation.

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"Europeans see Trump as a threat"

The German media, RTL.DE, about the annual Democracy Perception Index survey, published by the Alliance of Democracies Foundation and Dalia Research.

The survey is the largest single democracy survey in the world, reflecting the views of over 174,000 respondents across 54 countries.

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Press Release

John Kerry joins transatlantic fight against elections meddling

68th US Secretary of State John Kerry has joined the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity, a body created to counter the next wave of election interference.

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Press Release

"I would like this to serve as a wake-up call to the United States" Former NATO Sec Gen Rasmussen

Today, the Alliance of Democracies Foundation and Dalia Research released the results of their annual Democracy Perception Index survey, the largest single democracy survey in the world, reflecting the views of over 174,000 respondents across 54 countries.

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Reuters TV

Deep fakes pose threat in 2020 elections

Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity co-chair Michael Chertoff talks to Reuters on the risk of AI-generated #deepfakes and why people must have critical thinking towards what they see.

Watch here


Anders Fogh Rasmussen on PBS Newshour

Alliance of Democracies Foundation founder Anders Fogh Rasmussen appeared on PBS Newshour to discuss Russia, NATO, and security in Europe.


EU needs election-meddling stress tests

Commissioner for the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity Marietje Schaake writes for EU Observer about the need for methodical stress tests at the EU level in order to better understand Europe's preparedness for the upcoming 2019 European Parliament elections.

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CNBC: Anti-election meddling group makes A.I.-powered Trump impersonator to warn about 'deepfakes'

CNBC featured the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity's work countering deepfake audiovisual technology in a recent article. Take our quiz to see how deepfakes are becoming increasingly convincing.

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The Past, present, and future of election interference

The Hudson Institute hosted Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity's Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Michael Chertoff, and Allan Rock to discuss how different regions of the world are handling foreign election meddling and how we can cooperate to build solutions moving forward.


The Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity's work to fight deepfake technology

How does deepfake technology affect our democracies? The Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity is examining this crucial question and coming up with solutions to fight disinformation and foreign election meddling.


For election hackers, a new and more dangerous tool

Commissioners for the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity Michael Chertoff and Eileen Donahoe write for Reuters about the threat deepfake technology poses to our democracies.

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Press Release

Media advisory: Fighting deepfake technology at the Paris Peace Forum

The Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity was present at the Paris Peace Forum and the GovTech Summit to present its work on deepfake technology.

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Latest news

We must defend our democracy as robustly as we would defend our borders

Anders Fogh Rasmussen speaking at a European Commission conference on preventing election interference.

Press Release

Macedonia referendum: Twitter bots up their activity

As Macedonia’s name referendum approaches, the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity has uncovered evidence that automated Twitter accounts have swung behind an effort to suppress voter turnout.

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Latest news

Anders Fogh Rasmussen speaks about election interference at YES Conference 2018

Co-chair of the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity, Anders Fogh Rasmussen explains the challenge of election meddling by foreign actors, and how it is likely to evolve in the coming years. Introducing the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity, he describes just a few ways in which we plan to raise awareness of the challenge and develop tech tools to monitor and inoculate against foreign meddling in the future.

Watch the video here

Press Release

Juncker's State of the Union: EU Wakes up to Elections Meddling

European Commission President Juncker’s State of the Union has set out several efforts to protect next year’s European elections and other votes from malign interference. Read on to discover the essentials and understand how this relates to the work of the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity.

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The Economist

Countries team up to save the liberal order from Donald Trump

As America retreats from global leadership, coalitions of the like-minded try to limit the damage. The Alliance of Democracies Foundation was set up last year to “strengthen the spines” of the world’s democracies. A brainchild of Anders Fogh Rasmussen, a former Danish prime minister and NATO secretary-general, it held an inaugural “Democracy Summit” in June and envisages annual winter gatherings in Colorado, as well as summer ones in Copenhagen. In the absence of clear ideological leadership from the White House, says Mr Rasmussen, the rest of the free world needs to advance and defend democracy.

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Foreign Policy Research Institute

Jack Tomarchio: Making Democracy Great Again

Board Member of the Center for Expeditionary Economics, Jack Thomas Tomarchio, reflects on the 2018 Copenhagen Democracy Summit: It wasn’t the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and it wasn’t meant to be. Bono wasn’t there, nor was Beyoncé, but former U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair were. The event was the first Copenhagen Democracy Summit held on June 22, 2018. No glam, no glitz, just serious policy discussions from an array of former and current world leaders to discuss the precipitous slide in democracy and democratic values the world over.

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Press Release

Transatlantic legislators unite to step up efforts against election meddling

Despite the recent bizarre election meddling double-denial from Presidents Trump and Putin, lawmakers from both sides of the Atlantic joined forces to demand stronger action against meddling and foul play. Governments, legislatures, social media companies, and civil society are all called upon to step up their efforts. 

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BBC News

Election interference to be sniffed out by early-alert system

An early warning system to spot attempts to subvert elections is being developed by the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity, which was created to combat efforts to skew election debate. Its software scours social media and other parts of the net to hunt out attempts to seed subversive content. But experts warn nation states may answer with more sophisticated tactics. "We're trying to create high reliability and easy-to-use tools for civil organisations to use and see what's happening in real time so they can counter it," said Fabrice Pothier, a spokesman for the commission.

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Press Release

Elections still face risk of foreign interference on both sides of the Atlantic, high-level commission warns

A transatlantic, bi-partisan group of political, tech, business and media leaders are warning that neither side of the Atlantic is adequately prepared for the next wave of election meddling coming their way in 20+ major elections before 2020. The Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity (TCEI) includes a former NATO Chief, US Homeland Security Secretary, US Vice-President, heads of state and senior political, media and tech figures.

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Kyiv Post

Biden, Rasmussen among democracy’s watchdogs who gather in Copenhagen

With democracy under threat in many nations, the Copenhagen Democracy Summit took place on June 22 with the hope of building a global “Alliance for Democracy.” Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former Danish prime minister and former secretary general of NATO, was the driving force behind the new initiative that took place in the capital of Denmark.

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Washington Post

Democracies must reform or die

As democracies falter and authoritarianism rises, internationalist world leaders are scrambling to figure out how to save the democratic system and its values from external and internal threats. They all concede that democracies must face a reckoning: They must address the grievances of their lost constituencies or risk losing their historic struggle for greater freedom.

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Aznar, Fogh and Blair stood with the United States. Now they are worried.

Spain's former Prime Minister José Maria Aznar was in Copenhagen to talk about democracy's challenges. Recently, he announced that he would like to make his contribution to rebuilding the center-right of the party that has just lost the government power in Spain.

Read full article here (in Danish)

The Guardian

Demagogues and charlatans are stoking fear, says Joe Biden

The former US vice-president Joe Biden has accused “demagogues and charlatans” of stirring up voters’ fears just as they did in the 1930s as the issue of migration convulses politics on both sides of the Atlantic. “In ways that evoke memories of the 30s, frustrated and disaffected voters may turn instead to strongmen,” he told a conference in Copenhagen. 

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The Guardian

Tony Blair says Trump must reassure EU of support for bloc

Donald Trump must reassure Europe by clearly stating his support for democratic values and the survival of the EU if the US is not to suffer as individual European nations are picked off by rival powers such as Russia and China, Tony Blair has said.

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Politico Europe

Citizens disillusioned with democracy: poll

More than half of the people living in democracies worldwide think their voice is “rarely” or “never” heard in politics, according to a new study published Thursday. Some 54 percent of citizens in democracies believe their voice doesn’t have an impact on political decisions, and 64 percent think their government doesn’t act in their interest, Democracy Perception Index 2018 — a survey conducted by Dalia Research, Alliance of Democracies and Rasmussen Global — found.

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Democracies facing crisis of faith: survey

The world’s democracies are facing a severe crisis of public faith, according to the conclusions of a large study published on Thursday.  The report by German polling firm Dalia Research, titled Democracy Perception Index 2018, found that trust in governments appears even lower among people in democracies than in states deemed by the firm to be undemocratic.

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Blair: Europe's borders must be protected

Europeans must understand why the British two years ago voted to leave the EU. Basically, it was not about Europe but about immigration, security and integration. Britain's former Prime Minister Tony Blair belongs to those who bemoan the British decision, and he has not completely abandoned the hope of finding a solution, "but basically we can not roll it back," he admits.

Read full article here (in Danish)

Bloomberg News

The U.S. and EU Can Make Transatlantic Trade Great Again

Just when the European Union seemed to have recovered some of its free-trade zeal, it now faces the prospect of a mutually destructive trade war with its biggest economic partner, the U.S.

Read full article by Anders Fogh Rasmussen here

Copenhagen Democracy Summit

Copenhagen Democracy Summit

Photos from the 2018 Copenhagen Democracy Summit


The Campaign for Democracy

Interviews with members of the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity