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#DefendDemocracy Webinar Series

On January 13th, experts and activists from both the region and international think tanks and NGOs discussed the evolving political situation in the region, focusing on the methods and impact of foreign interference activities. With two important elections in the region coming up in 2022 in Serbia (April) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (October), foreign influence attempts will most likely increase significantly.

Speakers from the region, representing Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and North Macedonia, unfolded how the playbooks of foreign malign actors play out in their countries context, what vulnerabilities persist and how these vulnerabilities are exploited using social media platforms. The event was also attended by the regional manager of Facebook to present the platform's policy and challenges on curbing disinformation campaigns in the Western Balkans.

In case you missed the discussion, you can find the recording of the event available here.


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Democracy is on the defensive across the world, and authoritarian regimes have seized the West’s weakness as an opportunity to expand their influence. Together with Shoshana Zuboff, Yascha Mounk, Marietje Schaake, Toomas_Hendrik Ilves, Fareed Zakaria, Lee Drutman, Eduardo Porter, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and Josh Rudolph, Anders Fogh Rasmussen was asked by Foreign Policy to share his thoughts on how best to revive and strengthen our democracies against threats at home and abroad.

The free world needs an Alliance of Democracies – a coalition of the willing among like-minded nations. Such an alliance needs to focus on concrete outputs, showing emerging or backsliding democracies that being in the democratic camp has real benefits. This is only possible if we restore confidence in our own democratic systems under which so many aspire to live. People don’t take to the streets demanding more autocracy.

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Our Founder, Anders Fogh Rasmussen recently wrote in Newsweek that "we must defend #Lithuania for its sovereign choice to strengthen ties with #Taiwan"

Europe should follow Lithuania's lead in line with the 'One China' policy - building mutually beneficial ties with a like-minded democracy on the frontline.

Read the full piece here.


One year on from the U.S. Capitol riot and organized attempts to stop Joe Biden from assuming the presidency, our executive director, Jonas Parello-Plesner​ joined POLITICO​'s Ryan Heath​ and fellow experts to discuss the state of democracy today.

They dive into how an alliance of democracies is vital to defend democratic values and counter deep threats stemming from authoritarian powers.

Listen to the full podcast here:

The discussion builds on a joint report between the Alliance of Democracies Foundation and Atlantic Council​ on how to build an alliance of democracies from concept to reality.

Check out the full report here:

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Listen to our Executive Director, Jonas Parello-Plesner, as he talks all things disinformation on the Infotagion Podcast, hosted by Damian Collins here.
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In a recent Foreign Affairs piece, our Founder Anders Fogh Rasmussen, argues that the timing, method, and manner of the departure from Afghanistan were all wrong.

He argues that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan violated three basic principles of conflict management.
1) Don’t tell the enemy when you’re going to withdraw.
2) Don’t abandon your friends.
3) Don’t spurn the sacrifices of your troops.
As a result, he argues, Afghanistan has been thrown into crisis and Western democracies’ global credibility has been gravely damaged—failures which must now be reversed. They cannot be the end of the story. The world’s advanced democracies should learn from these mistakes, and must not lose heart when it comes to promoting their values and fighting for freedom.
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