2024 Fellowship

The Fellows

Mariam Akhalkatsi

Mariam is a communications specialist with over 8 years of expertise in the field, currently leading the development of an AI tool, GenderBarometer, at the Media Development Foundation (MDF). GenderBarometer aims to empower female public figures, journalists, and women and girls, enabling them to effectively combat online violence and gendered disinformation. Mariam is passionate about promoting informed media consumption and equipping youngsters with multimedia tools to foster active citizenship within their local communities. She develops and implements communications strategies for MDF's factchecking platform and media and information literacy program and designs successful awareness-raising media campaigns.


Anton Tarasyuk

Anton Tarasyuk is Co-Founder and Expertise Lead at Mantis Analytics, an AI-driven platform that engages in real-time info-space listening and analysis, providing organizations with data for risk management. Mantis Analytics originated in Ukraine following Russia's full-scale invasion, and the company has been helping national security institutions in combatting Russian propaganda, disinformation, and hostile informational activities. He was admitted into our fellowsip, following his victory at the Felllowship Launch and Pitching Competition in Kyiv. Anton holds a master's degree in Philosophy from the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy



Marmoris, a dynamic group of high schoolers who triumphed at the Moldova Democracy Tech Hackathon with their groundbreaking ballot counting hardware. Their victory secured them a spot in the Democracy Tech Entrepreneur Fellowship, spotlighting their innovation. Youthful and spirited, Marmoris embodies a commitment to catalyzing change, actively engaging in civil society and democracy. Their achievement at a young age is a testament to their ingenuity and determination. Eager to reshape the landscape of democracy, they're a beacon of hope and inspiration, poised to carve a brighter future through technological innovation and civic engagement.


Dmytro Bilash

Dmytro Bilash is a tech entrepreneur and investor focused on building breakthrough products. Dmytro is a co-founder and Chief Business Development Office in Osavul, software company providing AI-based solutions for information security and countering disinformation and managing partner in VC capital fund Digital Future. Also, Dmytro was a Сo-founder of Captain Growth, AI-based marketing automation platform, acquired by Perion. He has a bachelors’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the National University of Kyiv, and a master’s degree in Space Studies from the International Space University. Osavul is not his first venture, as he has been a founder of several more and is thus an experienced entrepreneur.


Ana Toklikishvili

Vinici is an AI-powered Political candidate profile directory. Functioning like a catalogue of statements made by political figures, it is a transparency tool that can be used ahead of the upcoming elections in Georgia. Having attained a Master's degree in Strategic Communications from King's College London, the Ana's professional journey has covered various sectors within the realm of communications and civil society, encompassing international development, business enterprises, and non-governmental organizations. Ana works a Communications Consultant at Media Advocacy Coalition and used to work as Communications Officer in the Council of Europe in Tbilisi.


George Gogua

George is a seasoned multimedia journalist boasting over a decade of expertise in both print and online media. He holds the position of co-founder in two pioneering projects focused on advancing explanatory journalism and facilitating multimedia collaboration within the South Caucasus region. As co-founder and director of Project 64, George is a leader, guiding a team comprising of journalists, editors, and designers. Together, they curate top-tier content addressing critical subjects such as social issues, human rights, the environment, and culture. Employing techniques like data visualization, interactive storytelling, and diverse multimedia formats, they strive to create impactful and high-quality material.


The Speakers

Alexsai Srourali

Alexsai, a Principal Data Scientist and AI Global Advisor, has established himself as a leading authority in the technology industry through his dedication to innovation and impact. He currently helms SocialLab Estonia as CEO and brings a robust academic foundation in business, computer science, and AI from MIT. This wide-ranging expertise has enabled him to navigate and contribute significantly to various AI applications. Recognized worldwide as a consultant, compelling keynote speaker, and entrepreneurial force behind several tech startups, Alexsai brings together his passion for technology and a steadfast commitment to solving real-world problems and global challenges, making him a notable presence in the rapidly evolving field of AI.

CEO and AI lead – SocialLab

Jørn Larsen

Jørn Larsen is founder and CEO of Trifork, a Danish publicly traded company providing software solutions to government and financial services providers. Trifork is creator of the long-running GOTO Conferences and co-creator of QCon. Jørn believes that we can change the world with software by thinking smarter solutions that make life better and easier for everyone. He graduated from the University of Aalborg, DK in 1994. Since 1997, Jørn is involved in program committees for software development conferences all over the world including QCon London, GOTO Conferences and many more.

Founder & CEO – Trifork

Leopoldo Lopez

Leopoldo López is a Freedom Activist from Venezuela. He was a political prisoner from 2014 to 2020 after being sentenced for leading non-violent street protests and civil resistance. After spending seven years in confinement, he managed to escape the autocratic regime of Nicolas Maduro in 2020. In 2009, he founded the political party and freedom movement called Voluntad Popular and became its national coordinator. Leopoldo López is the co-founder of the World Liberty Congress, an organization that seeks to serve as the counterweight against the global autocratic alliance by connecting non-violent, pro-democracy activists from across the globe. Presently, Leopoldo López is a visiting fellow at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C and has also been a lecturer in the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies in Stanford University.

Venezuelan Opposition Activist

Mathias Bay Lynggaard

Mathias Bay Lynggaard has unique expertise in Danish public affairs and international politics. He has worked as a journalist for more than a decade at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR. The last five years at DR he was the host of Denmark’s most popular current affairs radio program, Orientering. Before that he covered national politics and foreign affairs in various roles as reporter, analyst, editor and host. As a journalist Mathias extensively covered energy, tech, security and macroeconomic issues. He has been a designated reporter on several US presidential elections, Brexit, conflicts in the Middle East and has interviewed all current heads of the Danish political parties several times.

Project Manager – Rasmussen Global

Nima Tisdall

Nima Tisdall, CEO and partner of Nordic Makers, is a powerhouse figure in the Danish startup ecosystem. Prior to her role at Nordic Makers, she co-founded Blue Lobster, a digital marketplace for sustainable seafood which was praised by President Barack Obama. Her experience spans wide, and she is a recognized leader in entrepreneurship, technology and sustainability. She is a valuable asset to the entrepreneurial community, locally and internationally. Among many things, she serves as a board member for GUDP, a significant annual fund supporting the development of new green technology in agriculture and fisheries and empowers the youth and female entrepreneurs through various initiatives. Nima's achievements have not gone unnoticed, as she has been recognized as one of the "100 most influential women in Denmark" by leading media-house, Berlingske.

CEO - Nordic Makers

Stine Mølgaard Sørensen

Stine is an experienced entrepreneur and board member skilled in Strategic Affairs, Investor Relations, and Public Speaking. She founded her first company in 2013 and has been working with new technology and digital transformation for more than 13 years, both in a corporate global role and founding several tech startups where she led one to a successful Silicon Valley exit. Later, she co-founded Radiobotics, a health tech startup, bringing AI technology to hospitals. Today, she is a Partner at Alliance VC, sits on numerous boards, and further, she serves on the Innovation Fund Denmark's investment panel. Finally, she is a best-selling author with her book “F*ck It, Ship It,” about experimenting with new technology.

Partner - Alliance VC

The Mentors

Klaus Nyengaard

Klaus Nyengaard has been involved in several major companies, incl. as a CEO of JustEat, Chairman of Treatweell and co-founder and executive of SOL. Today, he is a partner at Nordic Makers, Investing in great and ambitious projects together with other great, experienced entrepreneurs. He is a co-founder member of TechBBQ, the leading tech conference in Denmark, as well as the tech startup association, DTS. Klaus Nyengaard sits on various boards as well and is a prominent voice in the Dansh tech startup ecosystem.

Partner - Nordic Makers

Marie Louise Gørvild

Marie is an experienced executive with 15+ years in the intersection of responsible technology, startups, and public policy in both the US and Europe. She was CEO of Techfestival and COO of Digital Hub Denmark. Today, she is Impact Partner at the new climate technology initiative, DTU Earthbound, that screens and matures deep tech science for venture and impact potential. She has previously worked for Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom; the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in California and sustainability think tank Sustainia. She has held several appointments and board positions, namely at TEDxCopenhagen, the TechDK Commission, Common Collective, Massive Earth and Copenhagen University’s Tech Policy Committee. She is politically appointed to the Danish Media Board for 2022-2025.

Impact Partner - Earthbound

Mathias Sundin

Mathias began his career as a changemaker as a Swedish Member of Parliament. In 2018, he chose not to run for reelection because he had a vision for a much bigger opportunity to have a more positive impact on the future. Meeting innovators all across the world he had realized that it is optimists who create the future. Together with them he wanted to take humanity to the next level. Therefore, he founded the non-profit Warp Institute Foundation with the mission of leveling up humanity. The first step is fixing the negative bias in the news media and show a balanced view of the world's progress.

Co-founder - The Warp Institute

Alexander Aghassipour

Alexander is the co-founder of Zendesk. Zendesk builds software for better customer relationships and was founded in Copenhagen in 2007. The company went public on NYSE in 2014. Prior to founding Zendesk, he consulted with global corporations about design, global strategy, and recruiting. Alexander also co-founded Araneum, the largest Danish-owned digital media agency.

Co-Founder - Zendesk

Daniel Dudas-Schwarz

Daniel is a driven innovator with 20+ years of experience working with communication, media and technology. His main expertise is understanding the intersect of human psychology and behavior, innovation and technology, customer needs and market trends. Through his work and personal experience within the field of healthcare, Daniel has spent the past 10 years focusing on preventative health, enabling solutions within Digital Health and AI. In Daniel’s opinion healthcare should be a human right and he strongly advocates for the democratization of the healthcare industry. Besides running his startup focusing on stress management and burnout prevention in the workplace, he spends part of his time consulting innovation projects, facilitates leadership training and business coaching, and mentors deep tech startups focusing on social impact.

Founder & CEO - Liv

Torsten Kolind

Torsten is the Co-Founder & CEO of Underground Ventures, as well as an investor, advisor and board member in multiple startups and funds, with particular focus on women's health and geothermal energy. A bioinformatics engineer by training, Torsten co-founded YouNoodle in San Francisco, a technology platform to eliminate biases when sourcing and evaluating startups. He has judged startup programs at Stanford University, MIT, and Imperial College, and has written opinion pieces for the Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Co-Founder & CEO - Underground Ventures

Eco-system Partners

Our Partners play an indispensable part in enabling the Fellowship to fulfill its mission. We would like to thank each of them for their contribution to our important work.