2021 Fellowship

The Fellows


Artur Mija

Artur Mija, from Chișinău, Republic of Moldova. Artur is actively involved in the political life of the country, being a member of the Party of Action and Solidarity. Artur is currently the treasurer of the party and is also responsible for paid advertisement and online campaigns. At the same time, together with a partner, Artur is developing Anttscamp, an app which facilitates canvassing experience of the political parties and ensuring volunteer tracking during door to door activities.



Regina Bondarenko

Pravoman is an AI-system which gives automatic counseling for citizens and immigrants. Our digital helper gives automatic legal advices, additional information (e-services, interaction with bodies and so on) and creates documents. Pravoman works on 6 platforms. Our product helps to give access to discussions, appeal and participation in the control over the public decision making processes.



Artur Gurau

We are building an app to organize online elections. Decision making is not a problem only for states and cities but also for thousands of organisations and communities. To solve that, we came up with the most democratic business model. Our freemium model doesn't corrupt election processes. Voteme App is designed to facilitate and improve decision making in organisations and communities but it's already being used for internal elections (primaries) by political parties. Our mission is to empower trusted leaders and solve what is not working in democracy.



Nikita Lukianets

Open Ethics is building a standard of "nutrition labels" for AI-powered products. We engage citizens, legislators, engineers, and subject-matter experts to develop tools and enable transparent ecosystems where humans and machines successfully work together. Bringing a standard "language" to talk about risk features of AI with visual nutrition-like labels can release the voice of the consumer to make choices for products that serve their individual feature/risk choices. This enables individual informed decisions and unlocks crowd-source regulatory power



Nino Macharashvili

Quack Hunter is a game platform to hunt down fake news. It helps fact-checking organizations to communicate the fact-checked information to users in engaging way. The game is the alternative distribution channel for fact-checking organizations, while users learn truth and have loads of fun. The game enables fact-checking organizations to communicate the truth to the audience in an engaging way. It develops critical thinking in the users. The impact of these activities enhance free electoral processes as well as transparency.



Temur Chichua

The last election held in Georgia has once again demonstrated to us the importance of reliable and fast analyses of big textual data. Quick detection of Propaganda, Hate-Speech, or fake news can be crucial before they access a large audience. We are creating a Natural Language Processing toolset and Georgian Language models, to work with huge amount of textual data. Part of our goal is to research disinformation, fake news, propaganda patterns from modern medias.


The Speakers

Nico Jaspers

Nico Jaspers serves as both the CEO of Latana and Dalia Research. Latana helps brands make better marketing decisions by delivering world-class, scalable insights. Latana is on a mission to disrupt the Global Brand Tracking market by becoming the insights hub for brands across the world. Dalia Research, provides market research services. The Company gathers real-time market and opinion data by pushing micro-surveys to smartphone users. Dalia Research also produces the annual Democracy Perception Index. Nico holds a Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations from London School of Economics.


Ann-Christine Roope

Ann-Christine is Founder of Ethan Partners, a global executive search company focusing on high growth Internet companies. Ethan Partners has supported over 150 successful Internet companies and placed more than 3000 high profile candidates. Clients include among others Uber, Houzz, Naspers, Zomato, Ringier, Deliveroo, and Goldman Sachs. Before this Ann-Christine was Director of International Recruiting at Groupon as they entered +50 countries globally. Ann-Christine has also supported some of the largest VC’s and PE’s globally with talent acquisition. She holds a Master in Marketing and Business Communication from Copenhagen Business School.


Joo Runge

Joo Runge is co-founder & partner in InTech Founders, a European growth accelerator for diverse scale-ups. Joo Runge has a background as an M&A and finance lawyer from well-known law firms but has since 2013 worked as a board member. In 2016, Joo Runge founded Black Panther Consulting, a company working with growth, funding and debt finance to startups and funds benefiting from Joo Runge’s huge network of startups, experts and investors in Europe. In addition to her law degree, she holds the executive degree HD 1 from Copenhagen Business School. Today, she holds various board positions in TimeLog, Fundmarket.dk and Women in Tech and is the founder of Women in Tech Switzerland. Joo holds a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School and Master of Laws from the University of Copenhagen.


Jørn Larsen

Jørn Larsen is founder and CEO of Trifork, a Danish publicly traded company providing software solutions to government and financial services providers. Trifork is creator of the long-running GOTO Conferences and co-creator of QCon. Jørn believes that we can change the world with software by thinking smarter solutions that make life better and easier for everyone. He graduated from the University of Aalborg, DK in 1994. Since 1997, Jørn is involved in program committees for software development conferences all over the world including QCon London, GOTO Conferences and many more.


Niklas Marschall

Niklas has both served as CEO for start-ups and as Vice President in larger organizations where he established the basis for creation, recognition and articulation of new opportunities. Niklas has been successful in ramping up businesses to stand on their own in small entrepreneurial start-ups as well as in big established international companies. Niklas would rather be a pioneer than just implementing a plan. He is a creative problem solver, focused on a learning and doing approach. Niklas has documented success with this approach in large organizations as well as in start-ups.


Stine Mølgaard Sørensen

Stine is a successful entrepreneur and international speaker. Stine has worked within the field of technology for more than ten years and has closely followed the digital development – both as an external consultant for major corporate companies and previously as a CMO for another tech-startup called Spektral. Today she is the Co-founder and Board Member of Radiobotics, co-owner of Nordic Fintech Angels, board member of MATTER Pension and author of the bestseller “F*ck It, Ship It”. In 2020, Stine was awarded winner of "Entrepreneur of the Year" category in the Nordic Women in Tech Awards.


The Mentors

Alexander Aghassipour

Alexander is the Chief Product Officer at Zendesk. Zendesk builds software for better customer relationships and was founded in Copenhagen in 2007. The company went public on NYSE in 2014. Prior to founding Zendesk, he consulted with global corporations about design, global strategy, and recruiting. Alexander also co-founded Araneum, the largest Danish-owned digital media agency.


Sahra-Josephine Hjorth

Sahra-Josephine is an expert on converging technologies and how these are applied in learning contexts to design personalized and adaptive learning experiences that empower end-users to improve their lives. She is the co-founder and CEO of CanopyLAB. CanopyLAB was recently nominated in Future Unicorn Awards and they just completed a ($3M) capital funding round.


Ashish Jaiman

Together with his team, Ashish has launched many AI and cybersecurity solutions to improve security resilience and combat disinformation to help high-profile, high-risk entities defend against nation-state attacks and info warfare. Before coming to Microsoft, Ashish was in leadership roles in two technology startups. Ashish is a self-starter leader who has created business and roles as an intrapreneur.


Lars Thinggaard

Lars is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in start-ups and venture capital. For the past 15 years, he worked as President & CEO of Milestone Systems. Lars is driven by the desire to inspire and create by employing the Scandinavian approach to management. Scandinavian management is about openness, trust and transparency, principles he believes are crucial to effective leadership


Nima Tisdall

Nima is the Founder of Blue Lobster, a company that has been praised by Barack Obama as a global role model for sustainability. Blue Lobster is a tech startup that is on a mission to democratize the fishing industry, by allowing local fishermen to sell directly to consumers and businesses in Denmark. Nima is part of the Global Shaper programme with World Economic Forum.


Daniel Dudas-Schwarz

Daniel is a driven innovator with 15+ years of experience as an entrepreneur working with communication, media and technology. His main expertise is human behavior, customer needs and market trends. Liv is on a mission to democratize health, by taking medical technologies only available for a very limited number of people in the world and making it available for the masses.


Democracy Tech Entrepreneur Fellows at CDS

We invited the six Democracy Tech Entrepreneur Fellows from Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova to Copenhagen to present their solutions to problems facing democracies at the 2021 Copenhagen Democracy Summit.


The Fellows

Watch the inspiring Democracy Tech Entrepreneur Fellowship presentations here.

Selected Fellow Elevator Pitch

During the application process Fellows are required to submit a 1 min video elevator pitch talking about their Democracy Tech innovation. For every cohort we highlight one Fellow who created an outstanding elevator pitch. Below is Temur Chichua presenting QARTNLP.


Our Partners play an indispensable part in enabling the Fellowship to fulfill its mission. We would like to thank each of them for their contribution to our important work.

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