2021 Fellowship

DemTech Fellows

Artur Gurau

We are building an app to organize online elections. Decision making is not a problem only for states and cities but also for thousands of organisations and communities. To solve that, we came up with the most democratic business model. Our freemium model doesn't corrupt election processes. Voteme App is designed to facilitate and improve decision making in organisations and communities but it's already being used for internal elections (primaries) by political parties. Our mission is to empower trusted leaders and solve what is not working in democracy.


Artur Mija

Artur Mija, from Chișinău, Republic of Moldova. Artur is actively involved in the political life of the country, being a member of the Party of Action and Solidarity. Artur is currently the treasurer of the party and is also responsible for paid advertisement and online campaigns. At the same time, together with a partner, Artur is developing Anttscamp, an app which facilitates canvassing experience of the political parties and ensuring volunteer tracking during door to door activities.


Nikita Lukianets

Open Ethics is building a standard of "nutrition labels" for AI-powered products. We engage citizens, legislators, engineers, and subject-matter experts to develop tools and enable transparent ecosystems where humans and machines successfully work together. Bringing a standard "language" to talk about risk features of AI with visual nutrition-like labels can release the voice of the consumer to make choices for products that serve their individual feature/risk choices. This enables individual informed decisions and unlocks crowd-source regulatory power


Nino Macharashvili

Quack Hunter is a game platform to hunt down fake news. It helps fact-checking organizations to communicate the fact-checked information to users in engaging way. The game is the alternative distribution channel for fact-checking organizations, while users learn truth and have loads of fun. The game enables fact-checking organizations to communicate the truth to the audience in an engaging way. It develops critical thinking in the users. The impact of these activities enhance free electoral processes as well as transparency.


Regina Bondarenko

Pravoman is an AI-system which gives automatic counseling for citizens and immigrants. Our digital helper gives automatic legal advices, additional information (e-services, interaction with bodies and so on) and creates documents. Pravoman works on 6 platforms. Our product helps to give access to discussions, appeal and participation in the control over the public decision making processes.


Temur Chichua

The last election held in Georgia has once again demonstrated to us the importance of reliable and fast analyses of big textual data. Quick detection of Propaganda, Hate-Speech, or fake news can be crucial before they access a large audience. We are creating a Natural Language Processing toolset and Georgian Language models, to work with huge amount of textual data. Part of our goal is to research disinformation, fake news, propaganda patterns from modern medias.


The Fellowship Details


Six carefully curated DemTech entrepreneurs from Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova will go through two phases of the fellowship.

In the first phase, the fellows will attend bi-weekly collective lessons, where alongside traditional entrepreneurship classes, they will learn ways to integrate more democratic principles and process in their innovations and ventures. These lessons will be supplemented by bi-weekly mentor sessions, where the fellows will be matched with successful entrepreneurs from Denmark’s start-up ecosystem.

In phase two, the fellows will be invited to Copenhagen, starting at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit, to build strong networks with policy makers and the start-up ecosystem in Denmark. Here they will meet with their mentors, pitch to investors, and visit a few selected partner hubs and companies. Winning fellows will be awarded at the closing event. Follow up sessions will be conducted post-Copenhagen visit and an alumni network will be established to support the fellows beyond the fellowship.


  • Applicants should have started a scalable business based on an innovation that meets our DemTech criteria. See the FAQ section below.
  • Applicants should demonstrate proficiency in the English language.
  • Applicants should be able to submit a 1 minute elevator pitch about them or their venture.
  • Applicants should be available for entirety of the fellowship. See the FAQ section for exact dates.
  • Applicants should come from one of the target countries: Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova.
  • Applicants should demonstrate commitment to democratic values.